Secure Stitch is a liquid sewing substance that will instantly mend, alter, hem or embellish without a needle and can be done instantly.

We crack down on whether Secure Stitch AS SEEN ON TV product actually works and is worth your money. Coming in at $29.99 including $4.99 delivery you’ll get

  • 1 All Fabric Solution Bottle
  • 1 Synthetic Fabric Solution Bottle
  • 1 Mess-Free Applicator
  • 2 On-The-Go Applicator Bottles
  • 2 Custom Hem Clips

How does it work? A bit like glue, Apply using the mess free applicator a generous amount on the material that needs ‘sewing’ then allow to dry, Which is instant. They claim that it’s a permanent fix however you better not be relying on this as you’ll see in the review by Vivian below. Would you be spending $30 on this product? Tell us below.

Vivian Tries Secure Stitch.